Eurobunkers builds, delivers, and installs your product. We are there from start to finish to make

sure we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.


We offer the best steel bunkers, NBC fallout shelters, storm shelters / tornado shelters,

safe rooms / panic rooms, blast doors / vault doors, and oil field shelters on the market.


Our employees are not only trust worthy and have years of fabricating experience,

they are like minded individuals that are also preparing their own families for what the

future has in store for us.


We are the only bunker builders that fabricate our own blast doors in house.

All of the others have their doors made by some off site company.


We provide a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship.


RSC is a one stop shop. Whether you need your bunker stocked with food

or any other need we can accommodate your request.


All bunkers come complete and ready to live in.


We are often one half of the price of other bunker builders.


Other bunker builders use outside contractors to deliver and install your product.

Do you want the delivery guy and an entire construction crew to know where your

bunker is?


Other bunker builders also do the following:


Use purlin instead of square tubing.

Buy doors from other manufacturers and pass these off as their own.

Copy our designs.

Use products such as air filtration purchased from competitors.

Do not have engineered designs.