Reasons to Buy a Bunker


 Do You Need A Few Reasons To Buy A Bunker?




There a numerous daily threats to life as we know it. Reasons that might constitute making a purchase of a steel underground bunker. Many of these threats are obvious scenarios such as nuclear war or terror attacks with dirty bombs… and civil / social unrest that will follow such an attack. Currently there are 9 countries that are nuclear powers in the world. (United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel) Not all of these countries are our allies. North Korea threatened nuclear retaliation against the US in 2013. Another big concern centered around these threats of modernized weaponry is the possible use of bombs with EMP’s. (Electro Magnetic Pulse) These types of weapons take aim at our dependence on electrical systems and power grids. A collapse of our nation’s power grid would be equally as crippling as a nuclear weapon if not more so.


Our nation has become totally reliant on electrical systems and power grids. This kind of attack would impair almost every facet of life as we know it.

Our world is changing rapidly and from these rapid changes in climate and temperature we are seeing more and more extreme storms and natural disasters. Natural disasters are major threats that we must face today. Hurricanes and tornadoes are just tip of the problem. In 2004 the biggest tsunami ever recorded took place in the Indian ocean. The aftermath left over 230,000 people dead from 14 different countries.


Shifting governmental power also generates major concerns and justifications for going underground. Over the past several years; we have seen our right to bear arms fall under attack by our own government leaders, and they are taking more and more of our liberties. There is no shortage of educational videos and articles available to the public highlighting the numerous concerns surrounding the trustworthiness of our world leaders and their true agendas. Governmental conspiracy is no longer a theory.. there are many pieces of evidence and data that we know can’t be explained by the excuses given to us by or nation’s leaders and still there is no attempt to properly inform the people. Everything from covert government programs such as HAARP (which is manipulating the weather) to false flag operations.. we have it all happening today in the world we live in.

A underground bunker may be the first line of defense in any of these scenarios. Don’t be caught unprepared! Contact us today to get more info about steel underground bunkers.


 Rising S Company offers the best steel bunkers, NBC fallout shelters, storm shelters / tornado shelters, safe rooms / panic rooms, blast doors / vault doors, and oil field shelters on the market.   Our shelters all exceed the FEMA requirements set fourth in the 320 & 361 guidelines as well as the 2008 standards from ICC500/FEMA.  Our shelter’s greatly exceeds the 250 mph minimum required by FEMA as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers wind loads on structures guidelines. Engineered to withstand impacts by even the heaviest windborne objects; this shelter provides the  first line of defense during chaotic circumstances.Our employees are not only trust worthy and have years of fabricating experience, they are like minded individuals that are also preparing their own families for what the future has in store for us.We are the only bunker builders that fabricate our own blast doors in house. All of the others have their doors made by some off site company.


RSC steel bunkers are earthquake safe and can be designed to withstand any caliber firearm.  Because steel will expand and contract with temperature changes; they won’t crack during dry/wet seasons.  Our bunkers are only built from the highest grade materials and are sealed with a waterproof coating rated for 150 years.  Every bunker is customized to each customer’s individual needs and built with space utilization and resource conservation in mind.  Our units easily bolt together offering the customer a choice of  customized floor plans with extended living quarters.  We are often times more affordable than other manufacturers.   Our bunkers act as your first line of defense during a time of chaos.


We provide a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship.