We have created this FAQs page to answer the questions that hear the most about our bunkers, storm shelters and safe rooms. Feel free to ask us anything you would like to know about our bunkers and other emergency shelters.

Do your prices include delivery and installation?


No they do not. Every location is different and prices will vary from place to place.


Do you install in my area?


EuroBunkers  delivers and installs in the entire United States as well as many foreign countries.


Can you attach to my existing basement?


Yes we can.


Do you use any outside contractors?


No. We build, deliver and install your bunker to reduce the number of people that know about your new bunker.


Do you require a permit from us?


EuroBunkers does not require a permit nor will we ever ask you to provide one. This is between you and your local municipality. In most cases they won’t require one but if you choose to take this route then we will assist you in dealing with local entities.


Is there a paper trail associated with my Underground Bunker?


No. Shortly after your unit is installed we will destroy all records associated with your location.


Will my bunker be ready to live in after the installation?


After completed installation you will be ready to take your preps and family in and begin your life underground.


Can I put a generator inside?


Yes you can. This is a common provision.


Are bunkers dark inside?


Absolutely not. We utilize the latest technology in energy efficient LED lighting that are often times brighter than traditional lights.


How long does it take to install my new Underground Shelter?


Most units can be installed in 2-3 days from delivery to completion.


How deep can your units be buried?


At any specified depth, but once you gain enough ground density for protection what is the point in going deeper? This only costs more money and makes it harder to carry your preps inside with the now much longer staircase.


Do you finance?


No. Financing a bunker is a very hard procedure and most banks will not lend due to the fact that it would be nearly impossible to repossess in the event the loan terms were defaulted. However you may be able to obtain a home equity loan to cover this purchase but this is something that would be accomplished locally by you.



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